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Hate, Grandeur and the old Turtle

Posted by Sephalo on 19/08/2018

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I'm currently playing this deck somewere in the top #50.
I climed from 10 - 0 with a different deck so I have no idea how this deck works climbing.
I believe I'm something like 25 - 12 with this deck now.

I got the idea for this deck after facing someone that played a hatred deck (Firebringers and Hate Seeds). First of all I have to say that this deck is weird, it's just so different than any deck you've seen so at first it might look weak, but if you look below you'll see all the synergy.

1) It has (almost) no spells. This is to utilize Tale of the Old Turtle and give you the extreme value of basically drawing 3 cards for free (since you get 2 mana back per card).

2) Tale of the Old Turtle has crazy synergy with the Illusion of Grandeur, that's why I tried to put as many 2/3 cost minions in the deck as possible. If they end up costing 0 or 1 you buff your big late game surprise. If playing against red the mass AoE can be quite annoying, but if you have this card ready you can easily draw 3 cards and often play them right away to recover from a board clear.

3) Jump. Jump is GREAT to get a hold of the board and get some mana from the wells. The Oradrim Fanatics are awesome in bringing your big guys closer as a surprise, but they also have the synergy with the Triton Trainers. They cost only 3 mana so work with Tale of the Old Turtle - Grandeur combo - so awesome!

4) Hate Seed and Firebringer work well with most of the minions in the deck since most have more atk than health. Hate Seed also gives your Grandeur a 4/4 bonus in the lategame if played for 1 or 0 mana.

5) Keldran Soldier/Outland Ranger, it's great to have some early plays and tons of times the Campfires have helped me out.

6) Syland Horsemaster. I only run one, because I never needed more but if you put a big minion in a defensive spot they usually never expect a deck (with yellow) to run a Horsemaster. It only often takes one hit to win, so this charge can sometimes be a lifesaver. But it's still a 3/2 for 3 which most of the times can be decent to just get some control near a faerie well.

7) Gabrian Commander, AWESOME early game card. Especially with an early Tale of the Old Turtle you often draw a (7) cost card.

8) I added a Fire Elemental because of the 'surprise' effect. Often I play 2x Yellow and 2x Blue early. Then try to get a bit closer to the opponent's god. Then within an instant I can create 2 dangerously close red lands that give me the opportunity to put down Firebringers/Hate Seeds near the enemy. That way I'll force him to use hard removal on those first. Then when they dont expect it I put down a lake and put down my Grandeur as a final win condition. Usually they can't handle it.

9) Wind Soldiers to get some 'control' out since I don't run spells. They also have higher atk than life, cost only 3. Perfect match with most synergies.

- Don't overextend. Trade smart and play defensive unless a chance is given to put a mountain closer towards the enemy god. Games can be tough, but you recover fast as long as you play for faerie well control. Try to neglect their chance of putting a mountain near your well.

- perhaps the hardest to beat is yellow control. The aggro matchups are not that hard since you can often put down many cheap minions to defend your god in the beginning. Once you recover they have no chance of coming back, but the yellow (5) control matchups can be hard. Not much you can do here to play for control, pump up your late-game cards then and try to get some red stuff in a dangerous position. Just wait with putting down mountains as you don't need them in the beginning anyway - better survive and get a hold of some wells.

- easy win usually. Get lots of mana from the wells, put down small minions since they can't AoE anyway and just start putting down bit Firebringers. Once they manage to stop them you'll always have the Grandeurs left. Not much to say here. Trade smart, and play for board control. You'll win most of the time.

- Same as green. They don't have enough removal for small minions so just play for control. Put down an offensive mountain near their god and they'll start panicing once big stuff comes down. Let them think they have you after dealing with Firebringers, but the real trouble comes with a 20/18 Illusion of Grandeur after a while.

(seriously think about it.. The Illusion of Grandeur gains 12/12 from 3 Hate seeds and can get like 3/2 bonus for each (1) mana cost Triton Trainer/Fanatic/Keldran Soldier.. etc... It's not rare to see 20 attack Grandeurs after a while.)

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Ishpard 19/08/2018 19:33

I ran into versions of this today, from different players. Nice deck!

LightSapfier 26/08/2018 22:21

It looks magnificent, but three firebringers feels a bit greedy. Why not to replace one with horsemaster or windsoldier? You have at least 8 creatures you just can’t play early 3-4 turns.

Sephalo 26/08/2018 22:39

Well, the firebringers are cheap big powerhouses. I see no greed here since i rarely draw too many of them too early. I think I like having 5 late-game cards :slight_smile:


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