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So Annoying!

Posted by koozniak on 15/11/2017

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Here is my last deck and i'm pretty excited to share it.

First of all "Lord of waste" isn't a 7/3 any more but a 6/4, and this is better. of course, in this deck everytime you'll summon him you'll gain 3 faeria by sacrificing an "Annoying gnat".

That's exactly what you're also gonna do with "Oath of oblivion", "Death Walker", "Demon wrangler" and "Doomgate, door to oblivion": you sacrifice a gnat, lose 2 HP and the gnat return in a random location. If the gnat reappears close to the enemy orb that's fine, let's play "Oath to oblivion" or "Demon wrangler" (and say thank u).
Of course you can do the same thing by sacrificing a "Cartographer" and gain an "Explorer" card, which will be very good to trace a path right to the enemy orb, and gain 2 faerias on the same occasion.
And u can sacrifice a "Wind soldier" after having attacked the enemy orb too.

You just need 2 yellow lands to play all the cards , the rest will be drawing, uncolored lands or another yellow land close to the enemy orb for your "Wind soldiers".

You'll lose a lot of HP, and u can be sure that your opponent will often kill your "Annoying gnat" just to make u lose 2 HP. That's why i decided to play 3 "Healing song", 3 "Soul drain", and the excellent "Radiance, imperial airship", which goes very well with "Doomgate, door to oblivion" because you're gonna draw a lot of cards with it, and also because you don't need to play many lands (less lands=more draws).

"Doomgate, door to oblivion": this card is really good within that deck, you'll draw 1 more card/turn for 2 HP (as well as winning an "explore card" if u sacrifice a "cartographer" this way,in addition to the card drawn) and once the structure reaches 13 HP it is destroyed and you get "Ostregoth", a 13/13 flying with haste and charge 13 (!) who'll keep all the wells empty until he leaves the board.
What u must absolutly do when u play "Doomgate" is to sacrifice a gnat/cartographer/another creature immediatly after having played it, and if possible each turn after. If u don't do that the structure's HP will remain at 3 for one turn and this is too dangerous, especially if your opponent plays red and/or "Emperor's command".
With 5 HP he'll need 2 cards to remove it, and this is very good (=> card advantage, we've played 1 card he uses 2 to remove it)

Finally you don't need to play several "annoying gnats" together, if there are 3 copies of it in the deck it's only to have more chance to draw it, since it is the essential card of the deck.

Mulligan: of course you"ll want to draw "Annoying gnat" (or "Cartographer") at any price, but every cards are not bad to draw in your opening hand, except for "radiance, imperial airship" (too soon), "Healing song" (same) and "Oath to oblivion" or "Death Walker" if u don't have in hand an "Annoying gnat".

Test this deck and tell me what u think of it.

Have fun (and respect your opponent)!

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oxothebeast 19/11/2017 20:19

hey dude, this deck is really insane but i wonder if there is some way to improve it. I think salmon / Lona’s smile can make you get the Gnat quicker if you don’t get it in the mulligan.

koozniak 23/11/2017 00:16

Hi Oxothebeast, u are right, those 2 cards are good to draw Gnat faster, especially “Iona’s smile” since the only flyings of the deck are your gnats or radiance, imperial airship. If u put both together, salmons and iona’s smile, there’s a risk of drawing salmons instead of gnats.
After that u’ll need room to put your iona’s smile, i think 2 iona’s smile is enough, 3 are too much, one why not, but what can we remove? Maybe in that case u could remove 1 gnat and put 2 iona’s smile (u still need a card to remove), but it is a risk too, if the opponent would play blue and frogify your gnats…

koozniak 23/11/2017 00:23

I’m gonna do some testings with 1 iona’s smile then 2, i’ll see what to remove, i’ll keep my 3 gnats coz removing 1 gnat to put 1 iona’s smile isn’t a good thing to do, except if u wanna draw Radiance for sure (u’ve got 1 gnat in hand, u play iona’s smile, u draw the last gnat and radiance…)

oxothebeast 23/11/2017 08:23

I changed one cartographer because they are kinda useless on the late game, they make you loose 1 faeria, it’s not much but it’s better to loose 2 hp for 0 cost to get a better value of your radiance. I also changed one healing song because it can be an annoying dead card at the beginning. 2 Iona’s smile is very good i think. Iona’s smile is good vs blue as well because you will get your 3 gnats more quickly and he can’t frogify all of them or he will loose an important value. In this worst case you have still 2 cartographer and you can sacrifice also the demon wrangler.

koozniak 24/11/2017 09:38

Very interesting, i tested iona’s smile, u are right, it is a must have on the deck, i do again some testings and i’m soon gonna change the deck, thx to u mate, i’ll soon add u as a friend in the game if u are ok. See ya


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