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GB Simic Swarm

Posted by Marmotoso on 17/08/2017

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Because the Oversky Expansion's cards are not yet avaliable i'm using this ones as placeholders.
Prairie Yak = Yakkapult;
Siege Engine = Azure Skywhale;
Punishment = Gift of Rakoa;
War Yak = Frog-Tosser.

The basic idea of the deck is: Build special lands; Control the Board; Win the game with badass whales, buffed creature with Gift of Rakoa, or a swarm of random shitty creatures.

Step 01) Keep elementals, bone collectors and eredon on your first hand.
Step 02) Build a very defensive land position, one or more special land per turn. No prairies, please.
Step 03) Control the board with stalkers, frog-tossers and well placed transforms and buffs.
Step 04.a) Choose the bigger and scariest creature of your opponent, swallow it and attack the opponent orb in the next turn leaving no time for your whale to digest.
Step 04.b) Build a yakkapult in front of your orb. Get a lot of yaks smelling the fear of your opponent's face (and he will also smell the yaks, which is a plus for us). Orosei the shit out of them.
Step 04.c) Put some creature (normally the whale or bone collector) close to the opponent orb. Buff it two times with Gift of Rakoa and OTK your opponent.
Step 05) Enjoy the pleasure of killing you opponent with the power of a horde of yaks and frogs. And giant whales. And a dragon. But mostly yaks and frogs.

It's a nice deck to play, with a lot of interesting choices, and I already won a lot of games against god ranked players.

Created it today, so don't have a lot of stats about win rates and stuff. Up to now is 20W/2L (loss against a red rush), and i wanted to share it with you people. :)

Hope you enjoy it.
Have fun.

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FAERIA COST (by number of cards)

Marmotoso 17/08/2017 23:56

UPDATE: Just got god rank #21 using this deck. (

xploring 18/08/2017 01:16

Great job! I tried to build a swarm deck too but couldn’t really get the balance right. Will try yours for sure. Congrats on god rank 21! :smiley:

Marmotoso 18/08/2017 18:06

Thanks xploring.

If you try the deck, please let me know how was your experience and if you see ways of improving it, ok?!

xploring 20/08/2017 12:31

I haven’t played much with your deck because I wanted to make my own. But I want to say that the synergy of Orosei transforming whales is ingenious. Transformation banishes swallowed creatures! I didn’t even realize it until I read a comment on Discord a day later. . The 8 faeria cost creatures are all so good! Only bad one is Ignus.

This is my version at the moment.

It has changed a lot since I learnt about your deck, thanks for all the new ideas. The main difference is I really like battle toads’ mobility and 2 creatures for 1 card. The additional range with jump combined with buffs allow trading with most creatures on board. I really like that.

The other difference is I don’t really rate Yakkapult even though it makes sense in this deck. The 6 land and non-immediate return discouraged me and I chose Aurora’s Creation instead. I really like that card because it gives a lot of options and possibilities (can copy whale, tosser, Aurora, or Mirror Phantasm). MP’s synergy with Orosei is something I want to make work for a long time.

I really like Bone Collector’s synergy with swarm but not sure if it can move into right positions for buffs without jump or charge 2. If it gets big then it’s a target for swallow again so that’s why I left it out.

Tiki Totem is a card I didn’t like but it’s actually very good here because it’s immune to Tosser. That’s something I haven’t thought about before I learnt about your deck.

Defender of the Homeland is the cheapest card for immediate boost to Gift of Rakoa. Considering adding it, may be for Tiki Caretaker? Different colour but Gnats are a permanent buff to Gift of Rakoa. Saw it played on Sfasano’s stream today and it looks very powerful.


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