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Blue Green Sacrifice

Posted by Bad_Dobby on 26/06/2017

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This is the deck I used to reach God Rank.

Gameplay :

It is basically a combo deck with extreme redundancy and a lot of synergies (really, A LOT, I think that nearly any two cards in the deck synergize ) ! The basic gameplan is to drop as fast as possible Voice of Hunger + Living Willow as close as possible to the opponent's orb, which gives a two-turn clock that many decks have trouble dealing with. Then, you have Apex Predator for redundany, Oaklings+Feed the Forest, and one Possessed Ursus as another win-con. Grovecaller and Triton Banquet provide mobility and surprise, they have won me a great amount of games.

The secret best card of the deck : Sturdy Shell. It's really cheap, a great early Faeria harvester that usually your opponent won't bother with as it's hard to remove quickly (and if he does, he'll probably spend more than 2 faeria on it), it comboes of with Feed the Forest, Voice of Hunger and Gabrian Enchantment (I actually won a game once with Shell+Enchantment+Banquet)

Cards to prioritize in opening hand : Sturdy Shell, Earthcraft, Wood Elemental

Matchups :

Crackthorn : 90/10 or 80/20 favored. I kid you not, I lost exactly one game to Crackthorn on my whole way up the ladder. Basically, unless it has Voice of Truth (which not many lists seem to be playing), Crackthorn does not have any efficient ways of handling our threats. One fo my favorite matchups.

Slow control decks (Wishes, Burn, Red-based control, RY Events) : Somewhere between 90/10 and 70/30 favored, depending on the exact matchup. Basically, these decks are way too slow to be of any threat.

Blue Jump/Blue control : About 10/90 :( We had to have a bad matchup somewhere, and this is it. We cannot race them for control of the wells and Frogify+Mirror Phantasm hurts us a lot

Rush : About 60/40, maybe closer to 50/50. I haven't encountered Rush a lot, but when I did, it really depended on what I drew. A couple of Taunt creatures hurt them a lot, and once we manage to counterattack it's game over. Sometimes however, you'll start with a slow hand that would be okay against another slower deck but which is useless against Rush.

Flyers : About 60/40, maybe closer to 50/50. See above : it really depends on how fast you're able to put pressure on and remove those pesky aviaries.

Red Combat : 90/10, or maybe even 95/5 (I lost 1 game against it, but it was mostly due to a huge missplay). They're not that fast, and have no ways of dealing with our threats. Best matchup by far.

Mono green control-ish : 30/70, maybe 40/60. Haven't played against it a lot and don't know the match-up that well, but they're usually able to save quite a few turns with Taunts and they play Voice of Truth :(.

G-Y sac : 50/50, depends on how fast you're able to put pressure on them. Basically if they have a taunt+ a deathtouch creature, it's bad, otherwise it's usually an easy win.

Other builds : sample size too small, do not have anything constructive to say.

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Shajirr 27/06/2017 16:53

Played vs monogreen - he didn’t even have VoT - just blocked with taunts. When he ran out of taunts, he just blocked with trash creatures. At some point he had 6 of them near the orb, I kill onbe he summons 2 more, etc. Doesn’t mattter if you have 2 15 attack creatures if the opponent can block them for 10+ turns…

Shajirr 27/06/2017 17:42

Overall very fun deck to play, but this is probably all Apex decks.
Getting 15 hp/attack creatures out of nowhere is not something many people expect, especially if you made it with VoH.
Too bad anything with blue shuts you down hard by frogifying, but you already mentioned that.

Shajirr 27/06/2017 23:41

Any reason for 0 Frogifys?
I had several games with 3 Triton Banquets on hand, or even Grovecaller, all of which were useless since the enemy blocked with cheap taunts.

Bad_Dobby 28/06/2017 09:51

Against monogreen, it’s weird that you struggled so much : if all he does is defend with cheap creatures, normally you should be winning the faeria race and just putting too much pressure for him to handle. If he had 6 creatures around his orb, it could mean you didn’t go fast enough to get close to his orb, to prevent this clogging from happening.
About Frogifys, I feel like the 3 lakes cost is prohibitive and it’s not very useful against quite a few match-ups, since the biggest creatures on board are usually ours. But feel free to try it ! (Replacing some Triton Banquets for instance if you feel you have too many)


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